#1: SCREAM-A-GEDDON – Florida

SCREAM-A-GEDDON, the “middle-of-nowhere” haunt that resides just north of Tampa Bay, Florida is the king when it comes to interactive horror in the state. Where the majority of the competition inside the Sunshine State tries to out-do each other, SCREAM-A-GEDDON frequently comes out on top with their over-the-top interactive scares. It’s one thing to walk through a haunt passively, it’s ... Read More »

#2: Dead End Hayride – Minnesota

During the day, Pinehaven Farm hosts an annual fall festival with a pumpkin patch and all sorts of safe, family-friendly attractions. For more than 20 years, this farm just outside of the Twin Cities has been a destination for families. New Scares on the Block: Dead End Hayride isn’t like most haunted “houses” so they always change up their trail ... Read More »

#3: Indy Scream Park – Indiana

The spooky sideshow-esque Haunt from Indiana, Indy Scream Park, was one of the best haunts we went to last year and 2020 looks like they’re tapping into and doubling down on what makes people scared. New Scares On the Block: It looks like the park is expanding their Monster Midway by adding an awesome Craft Biergarten to offer craft beers ... Read More »

#4: 13th Gate Haunted House – Louisiana

13th Gate is the original haunted attraction and covers a mind-boggling 40,000 square feet. The name comes from the thirteen different gates that separate the attraction’s sections. Each section has multiple rooms, a common theme, and plenty of scares. The gates make a strong separation between the themes, which helps avoid overlap that could water down the scares. In order ... Read More »

#5: Fear Factory – Utah

New to our list at USA Best Haunted Houses is FEAR FACTORY in Salt Lake City! This park is as large as a city block and FULL of things to do! If you’re looking for something terrifying to do in or around SLC, this is the place you should go to. Looks like they have everything. They boast that the ... Read More »

#6: Pennhurst Asylum – Pennsylvania

Another new member to the terrifying list of scares in Pennhurst Asylum out of Spring City in Pennsylvania! This is a Asylum-themed attraction that seems to be all the rage in that part of the country. Something about real old hospital buildings being turned into haunted attractions is pure Halloween ecstasy. Much like some other haunts on this list, this ... Read More »

#7: Dark Hour – Texas

Newcomer to the list back in 2020 is Dark Hour in the Dallas-Plano area of Texas! What separates Dark Hour from most of the haunts on our list is that Dark Hour is open year-round. Switching out their themes to match up with the year. Impressive costuming and sets made this place stick out in our minds. We love haunters ... Read More »

#8: Erebus: 4 Story Haunted House – Michigan

#4 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

Founded in 2000, Erebus is in its 20th year, and they’re not even starting to slow down. They held the world record for the World’s Largest Walk-Through Haunted Attraction from 2004-2009, and are still incredibly close to the current titleholder in size. The 4 stories of scares are in an old parking garage with over 100,000 square feet. It’s so ... Read More »

#9: SpookyWoods – North Carolina

#8 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

During the day, Kersey Valley is home to plenty of adventures, including ziplines, laser tag, a ropes course, and other family-friendly fares. But horror is in charge at night when Spookywoods takes over. The experts there have been terrifying visitors for thirty years, making it one of the oldest haunted houses in the South.   New Scares On the Block:  SpookyWoods bills ... Read More »

#10: Netherworld Haunted House – Georgia

Netherworld has plenty of clout in the haunting business. In their almost two decades, their haunt and crew have been involved in a couple of large Hollywood horror films. Zombieland filmed some of their sections at Netherworld, and Rob Zombie used a lot of the props and a lot of the crew to film Halloween 2. Just to add to the Hollywood cred, a ... Read More »

#11: Headless Horseman- New York

With a 250-year-old farm as the backdrop- The Headless Horseman (HHM) in New York does not need to go far for their setting! They are a local haunt open throughout the majority of the haunt season and field 7 haunted attractions, 4 gift shops, 5 cafes, and 1 terrifying hayride. The year-round crew started in 1992 and have been delivering ... Read More »

#12: 17th Door Haunted House – Southern California

A newcomer on the USA Best Haunted House list is 17th Door Haunted House in Southern California! This place loves to dive into the story behind the haunt, and are you surprised? This is the closest house to Hollywood! We were captivated by the awesome story that was on display in 2019, a story called Perpetuum Penitentiary and a torturous ... Read More »

#13: Bennett’s Curse – Maryland

Bennet’s Curse stands amongst the top Halloween attractions in America due to their dedication to creating an immersive and interactive environment. They are a small mom-n-pop owned and operated business born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Creative theming, and painstaking execution with great scares. They strive to a trendsetter in the industry! We can’t wait to check them out! Back ... Read More »