Indy Scream Park The 13th Gate

#1: The 13th Gate


We’ve always been a fan of The 13th Gate, and we’re not the only ones. The veteran haunt has been rated as one of the top haunts in the country year after year, and has been featured on national stages like the Travel Channel or Yahoo! haunted house ratings. But that’s not why they’ve got the #1 spot for us. ... Read More »

#2: Indy Scream Park Haunted House


Indy Scream Park’s six separate attractions have always been a great mix of intense indoor horrors and epic outdoor screamfests. Last year, though, they really went all out, completely changing half of their attractions and substantially updating the other three. They take full advantage of natural horror How many great horror movies start with the main characters headed away from ... Read More »

#3: Dead End Hayride

#5 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

The Dead End Hayride was founded in 2010, so 2015 marked the 5th anniversary for the haunt. The attraction is part of Pinehaven farm, located 35 minutes north of the Twin Cities. The 150-acre farm hosts an annual pumpkin and family fall festival that has been a local favorite for almost twenty years. But don’t bring the kids to Dead ... Read More »

#4: Terror Behind the Walls


A veteran haunt celebrating 25 years of horror, Terror Behind the Walls takes over the Eastern State Penitentiary at night during the Halloween season. With this top haunt, the sets simply can’t get more realistic. That’s because the haunted attractions are all built within a real abandoned prison. And that’s not just hype. Yes, the prison is actually real Eastern ... Read More »

#5: SCREAM-A-GEDDON Horror Park


SCREAM-A-GEDDON opened its doors in 2015, and it hit its stride right out of the gate. Located just north of Tampa, SCREAM-A-GEDDON is designed and built by some of the best minds in the industry. And it shows. Get away from the city and the tourist traps to go into scare country Between the cities of Tampa and Orlando is ... Read More »

#6: House of Shock


Located outside New Orleans, House of Shock first began terrifying visitors back in 1993. After two decades of horror, the House was scheduled to close after it’s 22nd season in 2014. But the community wouldn’t stand for it, and rallied behind the scaremasters. So the House returned in 2015 with House of Shock: The Resurrection. This new version is bigger, ... Read More »

#7: Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride

#6 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride celebrated its 25th year in 2015, and it’s spent most of that time as one of the top haunted attractions in the country. What’s funny is that they didn’t originally start that way. They began hosting fall hayrides at the Arasapha Farm back in the 1970s. In 1991 they introduced the haunted elements to ... Read More »

#8: Cutting Edge Haunted House

#9 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

If you were going to sum up Cutting Edge Haunted House in one word, that word would be enormous. That’s because it holds the Guinness World Record for the largest walk-through haunted house in the world. But size isn’t the only thing that Cutting Edge has going for it. The team behind the haunt has the kind of dedication that ... Read More »

#9: Spookywoods

#8 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

During the day, Kersey Valley is home to plenty of adventures, including ziplines, laser tag, a ropes course, and other family-friendly fair. But horror is in charge at night when Spookywoods takes over. The experts there have been terrifying visitors for thirty years, making it one of the oldest haunted houses in the South. The Spookywoods cover 60 acres, and ... Read More »

#10: Netherworld Haunted House

#11 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

Netherworld has plenty of clout in the haunting business. In their almost two decades their haunt and crew has been involved a couple large Hollywood horror films. Zombieland filmed some of their sections at Netherworld, and Rob Zombie used a lot of the props and a lot of the crew to film Halloween 2. Just to add to the Hollywood ... Read More »

#11: Erebus: 4 Story Haunted Attraction

#4 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

Founded in 2000, Erebus celebrated their 15th year in 2015, and they’re not even starting to slow down. They held the world record for the World’s Largest Walk-Through Haunted Attraction from 2004-2009, and are still incredibly close to the current title holder in size. The 4 stories of scares is in an old parking garage with over 100,000 square feet. ... Read More »

#12: The Haunted Hotel


The Haunted Hotel is the longest running haunted house in San Diego, and is located in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, a historic district that dates back to the 1860s. Most of the buildings there date back to the Victorian era, making them over a hundred years old. All of this creates a great atmosphere for the Haunted Hotel ... Read More »

#13: The Scream Zone

#12 on USA's Best Haunted Houses

The Scream Zone has been terrorizing the good people of San Diego County for almost two decades. Every Halloween they take over the Del Mar Fairgrounds and turn them into the Del Mar Scaregrounds. Scream Zone has 4 main haunts, then add a few extra features to the mix. Take on the zombie hordes Zombie Paintball is always a favorite. ... Read More »