#1: Indy Scream Park Haunted House #5: Spooky Woods #4: The 13th Gate #2: Erebus: 4 Story Haunted Attraction #7: 13th Floor Haunted House #6: Thrillvania #1: Pennhurst Asylum #8: Netherworld Haunted House #10: Asylum Haunted House #9: Nightmare New England #11: Nightmare on 13th #12: The Darkness Haunted House #13: Scream Zone

#1: Pennhurst Asylum


Our top spot goes to Pennhurst Asylum, and once you know the history of this place, you won’t be surprised. Even hearing about it sends chills up the spine of many people. That’s because Pennhurst Asylum is built inside an actual former asylum. The buildings were originally part of the Pennhurst State School mental institution. It opened as the Pennhurst ... Read More »

#2: Erebus: 4 Story Haunted Attraction


Erebus has been around for 14 years, ever since 2000, and has been one of the top haunted houses every year. In fact, it held the world record for the World’s Largest Walk-Through Haunted Attraction from 2004-2009, and it’s still incredibly close to the current title holder in size. Just how big is it? Erebus has 4 stories of scares, ... Read More »

#3: Indy Scream Park Haunted House


Indy Scream Park is hands down the best haunted house in Indiana. During the year, the sprawling land of Indy Scream Park is used for zip lines and paintball, but every year they’re transformed into acres of scares. Located just outside Indianapolis, the scary mood starts the moment you reach the parking lot, which is just far enough away from ... Read More »

#4: The 13th Gate


Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the 13th Gate is one of the largest haunted houses in the South. How large? Between it’s two attractions it totals 80,000 square feet. Half of that (40,000 square feet) is the original 13th Gate attraction that’s been scaring guests since 2002. Some of the best FX artists and scare experts spend all year putting ... Read More »

#5: Spooky Woods


Kersey Valley Spookywoods, located in North Carolina, is one of the oldest haunted houses in the South, and has been scaring people since 1985. Their almost three decades of experience has made them masters of terror, and helped their haunted house grow to fill 60 acres. Their name isn’t just because of the attractions. Getting there involves driving down a ... Read More »

#6: Thrillvania


Some people say that everything’s large in Texas, and that includes their haunted houses. Located just outside of Dallas, Thrillvania takes up almost 50 acres with its 4 different attractions. It’s new on our list this year, and has definitely earned its spot. Built on its current location in 1996 by haunted house legend Lance Pope, Thrillvania has been a ... Read More »

#7: 13th Floor Haunted House


Ever notice how there are many buildings that don’t have a 13th floor? According to the experts at 13th floor, that’s because horrific things happen on the 13th floor, and they bring them to life at their haunted house. They don’t skimp, either, with their two attractions (13th Floor and Zombieland) taking up 60,000 square feet between them. The Phoenix ... Read More »

#8: Netherworld Haunted House


Approaching two decades of scares (they were founded in 1997), Netherworld is a veteran of terrifying their guests, and they’ve got the Hollywood cred to back it up. The 2009 movie Zombieland filmed some sections here. Horror master Rob Zombie called on a number of the props and SFX pros here when he filmed Halloween 2. And if that weren’t ... Read More »

#9: Nightmare New England


New to our list this year at number 9 is Nightmare New England, located just outside Manchester, New Hampshire. Started in 2008, this house took over the legendary Spookyworld name in 2009, and now has a sister haunted house called Terror in Rhode Island. The first thing you’ll see when you arrive is the monster midway, which creates a fun, ... Read More »

#10: Asylum Haunted House


The Asylum has well over a decade of experience terrifying people, and that entire time has been a top-rated house. They’ve been featured on Discovery channel’s top 10 scariest haunted houses in the US, a steady member of the top 13 houses on Hauntworld and a member of our list last year. A few years ago, they moved to a ... Read More »

#11: Nightmare on 13th


Nightmare on 13th is one of the longest-running haunted houses on our top 13, and one of the longest running houses out there. They have over 20 years of experience in the scaring business, first as the Institute of Terror in 1990, and then as Nightmare on 13th since 2001. They switch up their three attractions, or “nightmares,” every year ... Read More »

#12: The Darkness Haunted House


With two decades of experience (they started in 1994), The Darkness is dedicated to always switching things up. They’re constantly innovating and changing their attractions, making them a favorite of many fans, including us. Behind The Darkness is a team of veteran special effect artists and haunted house planners who are dedicated to terror and horror. How dedicated? Every year ... Read More »

#13: Scream Zone


2014 marks the Scream Zone’s 17th year, and they’re not letting age slow them down. This long-standing San Diego County attraction takes place on the Del Mar Fairgrounds (or as they call them, the Del Mar Scaregrounds.) They have 4 main haunted attractions, as well as a variety of smaller features. If you’re looking for something more than traditional haunts, ... Read More »